Moravian History

Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, some consider Wilkes County a gift that is still being unwrapped. And the county’s best kept secret of Moravian Falls is full of spiritual heritage and history.

Much of this area was originally settled by the Moravians, a community of God-fearing people founded and led by Count Zinzendorf. They started in Germany and eventually spread to the New World and beyond. William Carey, the father of modern missions, points to the Moravians as his inspiration. With a deep spiritual burden for the lost, they started an intercession endeavor that went 24 hours a day and lasted for over 100 years. It is believed that they saturated our area with prayer as well. There is documented evidence that this area of North Carolina was dedicated to the glory of God.

The Moravians went so far as to deed some of the land they owned around this area to the Lord Jesus Christ. There is still a blessing waiting to be extended to everyone who wants to come and draw near to God.

A small group would find this cabin ideal as a strategic place for a time of renewed vision and personal ministry.